You Are Enough

You are enough. You read that right. You are enough. Say that to yourself over and over again. Too often in our lives, we tell ourselves lies. We believe we aren’t good enough, strong enough, fast enough, or smart enough. We are quick to put ourselves down but are in disbelief when someone actually says something flattering or positive about us.

Believe It

Each and every morning when you wake up and just before you go to bed, you need to look at yourself and repeat, you can do this, and you are enough. You may not possess the necessary skills to accomplish your goals just yet, but that’s the beauty of life. You are capable enough, smart enough, and clever enough to obtain the skills needed to make your dreams become a reality.

You need to take the simple to say, but difficult in practice step of believing in yourself. Trusting that you can actually do the things that you conjure up in your mind. Those around you may doubt you, put you down, or tell you that you are crazy. You need to look at those people directly in the face, smile, and confidently say, I got this. I know what I am capable of, and I am going to do this. Learn more about living your life.

Whether you are at rock bottom or just looking to muster up some courage to make a big life change, you need to believe you are enough to act on it.

Believe in Yourself

Act-On It

Believing is only the first step. Once you have at least a passing semblance of confidence in yourself, you need to take that momentum and capitalize on it. Create an action list, a list of steps that will get you moving towards your goal. Your action list will become your guide to achieving whatever you want because if you want it bad enough, you will get it.

I don’t care how small the first few steps are, just get to work. I don’t care if your first step is to just sit in front of your computer for 5 minutes and then walk away. Do you know what is going to happen over time? Those 5 minutes are going to turn into 10 minutes, then 20 minutes and before you know it, you will be a productivity machine.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is just getting out of your own way. People tend to overthink everything and shoot for the gold right off the bat. The issue with that strategy is that you will ultimately look at how far you are from your dream, and you will scare yourself into submission. The better approach, at least initially, is to just show up. Take small bite-size chunks and reward yourself for just showing up.

Just showing up is a small step closer to actual momentum than never getting off the damn couch. Just Show Up, I don’t even care if you get anything done. Just practice showing up until you are ready to take your next step.

Believe Rock

Hold Yourself Accountable

Now that you have mastered the art of small steps and just showing up, you must hold yourself accountable. Your dreams aren’t going to magically transform into your reality. The only way to achieve your dreams is through dedication and hard work.

Initially, you are going to be motivated, but motivation is fleeting. The moment that little negative gremlin inside of you starts chirping in your ear, you are going to tuck tail and get the hell out of there. Motivation may be enough to get your ass in gear, but it is not even close enough to keeping you moving. The only way to keep yourself moving is to hold yourself accountable.

Holding yourself accountable means getting up and working, regardless if you want to or not. There will be plenty of days where you will not want to get your work done. You will create every excuse possible, but you must ignore that nasty gremlin inside. Tell it to shut its damn mouth and get yourself to work. That is how real work is done, that is what’s needed for success.

Have a Purpose

You know what is infinitely stronger than motivation, having a purpose. What is your why? Why are you doing this? What is it all for? Only you can decide what your purpose is, but once you have found it, you are in for a treat.

A person charged up with purpose is truly something special to behold. It’s like taking a magic concoction that will supercharge your capabilities. Suddenly you will find yourself getting your work done late into the evening and waking up a little early just to get a bit more done. All of a sudden, a little less sleep won’t be such a big deal and you will be riding a high of productivity.

Believe in Yourself - Scrabble

Get Moving

All of this will be your reality if you just believe. That affirmation in the morning and at night, simply telling yourself that you are enough, will be enough to get you on a path of accomplishment. A path of true success, allowing you to change whatever you need to in life. I don’t care if it has to do with your job, family, side hustle or just getting in shape. They all start the same way, believing in yourself.

I believe in you are enough, now it’s your turn to believe.

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