Live Your Life

The life you are living is yours and yours alone, so live your life. People spend so much time listening to the thoughts, beliefs, and worries of those around them. We try to bounce ideas off the people we know, and we expect to get good advice. The issue is that most of the people surrounding you are going to be limited by their own beliefs, morals, and values. You can talk to those around you about your life or dreams. Just understand that they are just as likely to create doubt in your mind as often as they are to offer words of encouragement. Just remember, no matter what the doubters say, you are enough.

Rising to New Heights

Humans are amazing at adapting and creating new things. Each one of us is capable of rising to heights that we could never have dreamed of achieving. Everyone’s starting point in life may be different, but everyone possesses the same capabilities for excellence.

Open your cabinets to growth

Take the First Step

To reach new heights in your life, you must be willing to sacrifice certain parts of yourself. The first step to rising up is to take a good, hard look at yourself. See what is working and what isn’t working. You need to be brutally honest here, if you aren’t willing to look deep into the mirror and acknowledge the issues, you will never be able to identify and ultimately correct those issues.

You must identify the aspects that are working for you and the ones that aren’t. Keep the aspects that are working and make note of any areas that can be improved. Fixing the areas that aren’t working for you can be a little trickier. You need to identify which are simply lacking and can be improved to something beneficial. This can be as simple as becoming organized and a better planner. The rest are the beliefs and negative thoughts that are holding you back, let this part of you die.

Mindset for Growth

The human mind is an amazing and wondrous thing. It is capable of so much, including altering your world based solely on its beliefs. Your perception of the events unfolding around you is based on your mindset and belief system. If you have a negative outlook on life, you will tend to look for aspects that solidify that belief system. Now if you are positive, optimistic, and happy, you will continue to look for more things to be positive, optimistic, and happy about.

Coffee Mug - See the good

The easy part is understanding that you can boil a mindset down and put it into two different categories. You can either have a fixed or a growth mindset and depending on the topic or issue at hand, you can be in a growth mindset for one topic but fixed for another.

Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is when you are fixed in your beliefs and believe there is no way to change the current situation. Someone with a fixed mindset believes that you were born with what you have. This person feels that intelligence, skill, demeanor, beliefs, and talent are innately given to us at birth and there is nothing that can be done to change it.

When presented with an issue or disappointment, someone with a fixed mindset will often give up and throw in the towel. Not excelling at something immediately, in their mind, is a signal that they aren’t good at it, and they should focus their pursuits elsewhere. There is no use in beating your head against a wall as it will result in nothing gained.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is where you want to spend most, if not all your time. Someone with a growth mindset believes that they can change and grow. This person believes that an issue or disappointment is just an opportunity to learn something and apply it to their life. Someone in a growth mindset is not interested in beating themselves up, they are interested in adapting everything to learning and growing.

Once achieved, the growth mindset will quickly become your best friend. Achieving the growth mindset should be your first and only immediate task. We all get hit by life. How you look at the events of your life will determine if you rise up or get beaten down.

Carol Dweck wrote about the mindset in her book Mindset. I highly recommend it to fully understand all the nuances that go into your mindset.

Live Your Life

It’s On You, Not Those Around You

We choose to listen and believe those around us. We love them and we want them in our lives. But do not fall for their fixed mindset garbage. Your pursuits are determined by one person and one person only, YOU.

If you choose to share your goals and dreams, be ready for people to inadvertently try to keep you small. They aren’t doing it to be malicious or mean. Usually, they are doing it because they love you and are trying to keep you safe. But life isn’t safe, and doing the mundane or living someone else’s life is not what will bring you happiness.

Happiness is going to be achieved by listening to yourself, following your own pursuits, and working your face off until you get to where you want to be. You are enough and life is only as amazing and happy as you choose it to be. Focus on the right things, focus on Growth.

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