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Push Past Limits.

Nutrition Client

Package: Basic Package
Pricing: $99/month
Check-ins: Weekly
Personalized diet: Tailored to client
Duration: 6 months
Access to coach: 24/7

Training Client

Package: Standard Package
Pricing: $199/month
Check-ins: Bi-weekly
Training frequency: Customized schedule (maximum 6 days/week)
Duration: 6 months
Access to form checks: 10am - 10pm
"Every single one of us has physical limitations. To many, they seem impossible to break. To coaches, they are simply another goal to check off. By joining Push Past Limits, you will push your limits to the absolute maximum, achieving a state of optimal physical and mental wellbeing. Together, we will form a relentless team that will stop at nothing to reach our goals."
-Andrei Arroyo
Andrei Arroyo, NASM / Personal Trainer
Andrei Arroyo is a dedicated fitness coach that came from humble beginnings. Ten years ago, Andrei was an unathletic teenager with a strong desire to immerse himself in video games constantly. His poor eating habits began catching up to him, leading to an unhealthy amount of weight gain. Disturbed by the results, Andrei decided that a transformation was necessary to improve the quality of life. From struggling with five-pound dumbbells to sweating after a single push-up, Andrei never contemplated giving up. His perseverance and determination paid off. Years later, he entered his first competition in a local Men's Physique show and placed highly. This was a pivotal time in Andrei's life, as it demonstrated that he had the capacity to compete on a professional level. Andrei now sets his eyes on a new personal goal: compete at the Open Bodybuilding division and obtain a prestigious IFBB Pro Card.

Today, Andrei shares his fitness knowledge with the world. He is passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. From fundamental training mechanics to advanced nutritional protocols, Andrei is equipped with a wide spectrum of knowledge to tailor to the needs of every client. Andrei exhibits immense patience with clients, as he knows firsthand that fitness goals require patience and discipline.
Client 1
"I've lost over 50 pounds working with Coach Drei! He truly cared about my progress the entire time."
Client 2
"Coach Drei has transformed my fitness journey. I'm now stronger and more confident than ever before."
Client 3
"Working with Coach Drei has been a life-changing experience. I've achieved my fitness goals and surpassed my own expectations."
Client 4
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Client 5
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Client 6
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